Broncos against Bills: Can the Broncos do it? We’re going to discover.

The route back to significance has more looked like of a thrill ride.

The most recent four years for the Denver Broncos have left pretty much everybody discombobulated and sick.

This Saturday is an opportunity for the Broncos (5-8) to flush a portion of those assessments out of our framework. A Denver prevails upon the Buffalo Bills (10-3), while not improving it all, would present a touch of expectation and satisfaction heading into Christmas. It is anything but a simple task, no doubt.

Can Drew Lock and the Broncos open a hostile spin-off against Buffalo on Sunday? On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I have Josh Allen and the Bills as the class of the AFC, alongside the Kansas City Chiefs. For Denver to get an opportunity on Saturday, it needs to play as it did against the Carolina Panthers, and far and away superior.

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Offensive Rankings
Buffalo: Tenth in overall offense (375.4 yards per game), 22nd in rushing (102.5), third in passing (272.8), ninth in scoring offense (27.6 points per game).

Denver: Twenty-fifth in overall offense (328.6 yards per game), 13th in rushing (117.2), 27th in passing (211.5), 29th in scoring offense (19.8 points per game).

Defensive Rankings
Buffalo: Twentieth in overall defense (363.8 yards per game), 19th in rushing defense (119.9), 19th in passing defense (243.9), 15th in scoring defense (24.7 points per game).

Denver: Sixteenth in overall in defense (351.7 yards per game), 27th in rushing defense (131.0), tenth in passing defense (220.7), 23rd in scoring defense (26.7 points per game).

Here are the MHR staff’s keys to Saturday’s game.

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