Coach Tom Izzo of Michigan State tests positive for COVID-19

Michigan State men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo declared Monday that he tried positive for the Covid in a statement delivered by the school’s athletic division.

“This morning I tested positive for COVID-19. Although I have some minor symptoms, I remain in good health,” the 65-year-old said. “I’ve been extremely diligent for many months now, wearing my mask in public and around the office, while adhering to social distancing guidelines. I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out if there was a time where I let my guard down for just an instance. And while I haven’t identified any area of exposure, what I have determined is that this shows the power of the virus.”

Izzo can return to the team after isolating for 10 days, the school says, which would mean he can return as right on time as Nov. 17. The Spartans were booked to start their season in the not so distant future at the Orlando Invitational, yet the function was canceled.

Izzo has instructed Michigan State since 1995 and has driven the Spartans to three straight regular-season Big Ten titles. MSU made it to the Final Four during the 2018-19 campaign, losing to Texas Tech in the national semifinal. round.

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