Ezekiel Elliott fumbles on the lead back possessions

Ezekiel Elliott was supplanted by Tony Pollard in the Dallas Cowboys’ backfield after some fumble issues proceeded for the lead back.

Elliott entered Monday night’s game between his Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas with fumbles (two lost) on the season. At that point, he lost fumbles on consecutive possessions in the first half.

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Elliott was supplanted by Tony Pollard on Dallas’ ensuing possession. The Cowboys ended up punting on the possession. Elliott returned on the possession from that point onward, however, Pollard blended in.

Elliott is as yet the fundamental back, yet the fumbles are a tremendous issue. Four lost fumbles are such a large number of for a whole season. To lose that numerous in six games is indefensible.

In his fifth season with the Cowboys, Zeke had just five lost fumbles entering this year. This has become a concerning trend this season.

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