Former Arsenal midfielder desires Arsenal to sign John Stones this summer.

The Englishman has become undesirable under Pep Guardiola this term and has been tipped to leave the Etihad in front of the 2020-21 campaign.

Surely, Stones has turned out only 15 times in the Premier League this season, and Merson accepts that Stones would thrive under Mikel Arteta following their time together at City.

“Mikel Arteta gets no opportunity of getting the cash he needs out of Arsenal,” Merson wrote in his section for the Daily Star.

“They could burn through £200m and still not make the Champions League next season on the grounds that the gap is so enormous. They need a centre-back, a central midfielder and another striker. The entire spine of the team truly.

“Furthermore, I figure he may go for John Stones at Manchester City. Enthusiasm Guardiola doesn’t appear to confide in him, and Arteta has worked with him previously.

“Arsenal need an out and out defender, not another David Luiz who realizes how to play the ball out from the back however commits a ton of errors.

“In any case, Stones is English, sufficiently youthful to improve, and Arteta will thoroughly understand him and realize he fits into the system.”

Stones was left on the seat for Man City’s FA Cup semi-last conflict with Arsenal, where a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang support saw Arteta’s men take out the current holders on Saturday evening to reach the final.

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