Jets unhappy with Gregg Williams team’s offense remarks

New York Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams raised a stir as of late with remarks about the team’s play on offense. Those remarks were evidently noted inside the group also.

During the week, Williams apparently censured the team’s offense for some of his defense’s struggles. You can peruse those remarks here.

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On Sunday’s CBS communicated, Andrew Catalon and James Lofton referenced those remarks and noticed that they came up during production meetings this week. Unmistakably the team was not content with them. By means of Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, CBS cited coach Adam Gase as saying Williams’ remarks were “not what we need” and that “everyone needs to shut up and play.”

It’s nothing unexpected that this didn’t go down well. The Jets are 0-5, and pressures are intense. Gase is edgy to figure out how to make something happen. Williams’ remarks are just going to get in the way of that goal. Most would agree that Williams may have been secretly counseled over this, as well.

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