Jurgen Klopp celebrated the night as Liverpool finally lifted the EPL

Liverpool finished a third successive league season unbeaten at home in the wake of taking a first-half lead with goals from Naby Keita, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Georginio Wijnaldum.

Olivier Giroud pulled one back not long before the interval yet Roberto Firmino’s first Anfield goal of the battle hoped to have put the match past Frank Lampard’s side until substitutes Tammy Abraham and Christian Pulisic made a game of it.

At last, it took Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s late goal to end the nerves and launch the gathering.

“Unique. Totally unique. We don’t need to analyze as we never have done it,” said the German.

“We as a whole realize it could have been extraordinary. It could have been more regrettable, for instance, in the event that we never dominated the match.

“The young men allowed us the chance to have an extremely extraordinary night. I think many individuals thought before the game one team battles for the Champions League, the other team is perhaps as of now on the beach.

“Be that as it may, these young men are so uncommon. I was unable to be progressively pleased. Throwing a performance like this in on the pitch tonight… it was an open game yet decent, pleasant goals.

“Unimaginable goals, super footballing moments. I cherished the game. We could appreciate it and we will appreciate the rest of the night.”

In spite of earlier notice, a large number of fans accumulated outside the ground and let off fireworks as the trophy introduction occurred inside Anfield.

The crew, themselves, were taking off to a private party after the game yet Klopp stated: “We should all celebrate at home, drink what you need, plan for a party when this bullsh** virus is over.”

Chief Jordan Henderson lifted the trophy, encompassed by the crew and Klopp and his backroom staff on an exceptionally raised platform on the Kop.

“It was completely extraordinary. Totally extraordinary. It made it considerably progressively uncommon that the families could be in the arena for the trophy lift, they were not permitted in for the game,” included Klopp.

“You need to impart these minutes to your friends and family – I had my friends and family around me with the staff and the players.

“You remain on the stage and there’s nobody in the arena – not nobody but rather not the same number of as you imagine – yet the people who organized it made the most flawlessly awesome of it.

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