Mikel Arteta keen on Mady Camara as an ideal signing this summer transfer window

With the Gunners having experienced an early elimination from the Europa League, it stays indistinct whether Arteta will have significant funds for the transfer market in front of next season.

Be that as it may, as per Sdna, that has not forestalled enthusiasm for Camara, who helped Olympiacos show signs of improvement of the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium a week ago.

Having built up himself as a key man at the Greek outfit, the 23-year-old had just been connected with Sheffield United before his presentation in North London.

The report proposes that Olympiacos may hope to recover €20m (£17.27m) for Camara, twofold what the Blades were purportedly arranged to pay in January.

The Guinea international despite everything has more than three years staying on his agreement.

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