The Italian giants were reputed to have made their advantage known in Pogba last previous summer when his time at Old Trafford gave off an impression of being reaching a conclusion.

Real Madrid were likewise connected and the two teams are supposedly still quick to strike an arrangement for the France international in front of next season.

Pogba won four Serie A titles in four years during his past spell with Juventus, and Raiola says an arrival “home” to Italy is conceivable in July or August.

“Italy resembles home for Paul. He wouldn’t fret returning to Juve yet we will perceive what will occur after the Euros,” he told correspondents.

“Paul needs to play at the best level yet he can’t escape by Manchester United in the event that they are in a troublesome circumstance.”

United are as far as anyone knows after £148m for Pogba, who has included only eight times this season in light of damage issues.

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