NBA focusing on Jan. 18 as Martin Luther King Jr. Day for next season?

The Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA champions in the wake of beating the Miami Heat in six games at Walt Disney World. With the 2019-20 season at long last finished, the NBA has started arrangements for the 2020-21 campaign.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver uncovered as of late that the first Dec. 1 target beginning date isn’t going on. As per The Athletic’s John Hollinger, the league currently is focusing on Jan. 18 for the beginning of next season, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

MLK Day appears to be an intelligent decision for the beginning of the 2020-21 campaign, particularly given the emphasis put on the Black Lives Matter development in Orlando this previous season. MLK Day has become a significant occasion on the NBA schedule, and it presents a simple route for the class to transform premiere night into something critical.

Silver is apparently wanting to allow teams two months’ notice in front of the start of the period, Hollinger includes, so we could realize the official start date as soon as Nov. 23.

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In the wake of choosing a start date, the NBA will address more difficulties of really planning the season plan. Things like the number of games, if fans will be permitted to join in, COVID-19 limitations, and significantly more should be resolved.

Basically, the league actually has a great deal of work to do before next season can start. The 2020 NBA Draft is set for Nov. 18, with free agency to follow. Before we know it, teams will be back on the court.

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