Previous Barcelona forward Bojan Krkic urged Spanish champions to move for Roberto Firmino over Lautaro Martinez

The Catalan giants keep on being connected with Martinez, who has scored multiple times in 31 appearances for Antonio Conte’s side during the 2019-20 battle.

Notwithstanding, Bojan has guaranteed that Firmino would be more qualified to his previous club because of his capacity to interface the play in a central position.

“Inter don’t for the most part step up and that makes me feel that Lautaro could involve a zone at Barca that is normally not his.”[That is] something that would unquestionably be a disgrace,” Bojan told Sport. “In the event that you permit me a name, I would bet more on Firmino: a link player, with a ton of quality and extraordinary portability.

“I don’t expect that this reflection be deciphered as a refusal to sign the Argentine, however I comprehend that his profile must be broke down very well since it would be indefensible that, as occurred with [Antoine] Griezmann, we sign a striker to put him on the wing and afterward grumble that it doesn’t work.

“That can’t occur again in light of the fact that, despite the fact that it appears glaringly evident, a nine is a nine. That is his normal natural surroundings and to move him from that point is to squander his ability. On the off chance that Barca need a nine, sign him, however do it to truly utilize him.”

Firmino has again been in solid structure for Liverpool during the current season, scoring multiple times and contributing 12 assists in 43 appearances in all rivalries.

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