Ryan Tannehill expands the Titans lead with a 10-yard score run!

On the off chance that you had questions about Ryan Tannehill, his presentation in the Tennessee Titans’ conclusive 42-16 triumph over the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday should compel you to reexamine your hesitations about the 2019 Comeback Player of the Year.

From the initial drive, the quarterback looked sharp, stringing the needle on a pinpoint 16-yard score pass to wideout A.J. Brown. They snared for seven completions, 82 yards, and a score against a Bills defense that had no responses for the Titans’ aerial attack inside the 20-yard line.

Notwithstanding Brown’s two-game nonappearance due to a bone wound in his knee, his association with Tannehill hasn’t avoided a beat. A year ago, he led all rookies in getting yards (1,051) and took off once the Titans sidelined Marcus Mariota in Week 7.

In the event that teams roll added inclusion to Brown, Tannehill can hope to sprout tight end Jonnu Smith, who pulled in five passes for 40 yards and two scores Tuesday.

Exactly when defenders think they have Tannehill’s pass-catchers covered downfield, he beat teams with his legs. The athletic sign guest covered off a solid first half with a 10-yard score run as the Bills neglected to contain him in the pocket:

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